Extensive legal knowledge combined with practical knowledge of the functioning of the business market in Poland allows us to provide the highest quality of legal services while maintaining business efficiency. Legal services we offer are based on excellent knowledge of legal regulations, court and administrative judgments and legal literature, and on knowledge of practical using them. We successfully represent our clients in court proceedings (in particular in the field of debt recovery), in National Register Court proceedings and in enforcement proceedings. We participate in projects related to the creation, everyday operations and termination of operation of commercial companies.

Lawyers of our Law Office support the key governmental institutions and represent the Republic of Poland in international fora, such as the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the Venice Commission, the European Union and Interpol and Europol.


Monika Olczak has extensive experience in providing legal services to Polish and international clients, supporting them especially in the areas of corporate services and investment processes. She advises on the processes of mergers, acquisitions, transformations and divisions of companies in Poland and creating capital structures for the needs of business transactions. She successfully uses her knowledge to prepare optimal strategies for effective functioning on the business market and eliminating potential risks for her clients, both in B2B and B2C relations, as well as in contacts with courts and other offices and institutions.

Monika Olczak specializes in the diversification of the risk associated with business activities and in the legal solutions related to the protection of clients' property. She has experience in due diligence and negotiation processes, as well as M&A and VC transactions. She creates employee incentive programs (ESOP) tailored to the individual needs of growing enterprises. She advises on real estate trade and real estate development and investments, in particular in due diligence and contracts. Monika Olczak provides comprehensive services for enterprises and investors in the transport and energy sectors. She advises on acquisitions of companies and financing of energy projects, as well as on investments in the energy producers sector.

Monika Olczak acts as a mediator in commercial and civil matters.

T. Antonowicz

Marek T. Antonowicz deals with comprehensive legal services to entrepreneurs. In particular, he specializes in intellectual property law. In the Law Firm is responsible for supervising the preparation of draft agreements on the transfer of copyrights and the registration of trademarks and patents.

He is a national and EU expert in the field of protection and processing personal data, representing Poland in the European Union fora since 2000. He is also the author of national laws and regulations on the processing and exchange of personal data, implementing the regulations of the European Union and the Council of Europe. In this area of ​​law, he supports Polish and foreign entrepreneurs, advising on strategies and developing documentation required by law.

Marek T. Antonowicz has over 20 years of experience as a government legislator. He has already prepared over 100 draft legal acts (laws and regulations) in the fields of integration of foreigners, public order and security, and personal data protection. He took part in the sessions of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland and the Government Legislation Center on numerous occasions. He is a member of the Polish Legislative Society and the Polish Bar Association.

As an expert on the European Union law Marek T. Antonowicz took an active part in the Polish preparation for Polish accession to the EU. Moreover at the request of the European Commission he translated over 100 EU directives and regulations from English into Polish. He also was personally responsible for preparation and negotiation the international agreements in the field of security and order during the final tournament UEFA Euro 2012 in Poland.